How To Declutter Your Apartment In 7 Easy Steps

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Handy Decluttering Guide Apartments For Rent Delray Beach, FLHow To Declutter Your Apartment In 7 Easy Steps


Clutter in the home is sneaky. 


It creeps up on you without warning. Before you know it you’ve got things spread over your countertops, stuffed in junk drawers and filling up your closets.


When you finally do notice that there seems to be stuff just everywhere, the idea of cleaning up and getting rid of so much clutter can seem daunting. Not only can clutter in the home leave you feeling overwhelmed, it also creates unnecessary stress.


But don’t worry – you can get your home clean, lean and mean in 7 easy steps. 


  1. Set Goals


Decluttering the entire home can feel like an impossible task. Instead of doing it all at once, do one room or space at a time. Keep goals smaller to prevent getting overwhelmed.


  1. Make A List


Map out the areas you want to declutter, ranking them from worst to easiest. Some areas will take longer than others (garage, closests, etc.) so be flexible when you set dates for completion. Set aside specific times to start and finish your task.


  1. Start A Sorting System


A popular system of decluttering is the Four Box Method. Just get four large cardboard boxes and label them: Keep, Trash, Donate, Store. This method helps you decide what to do with your things and keeps you on track.


When you begin going through your stuff, ask yourself these questions:


  • Do I really need this?
  • Does this add value to my life?
  • When’s the last time I used this?


80/20 Rule – The 80/20 rule states that we only wear about 20% of our clothes, but it also applies to other things as well. Try to get rid of anything you don’t use 80% of the time.


  1. Put Stuff Up


Coffee mugs in the bathroom. Slippers in the kitchen. Plates in the bedroom. Yes, our stuff tends to wander around the home. A good starting point is to put up all the items in the room that don’t belong there or are out of their place.


  1. Clear Of Countertops


A flat surface is such a convenient place to set stuff down. But after a while they’re covered. Go ahead and clear off any flat surface. It’s surprising how by just cleaning off the flat surfaces how much cleaner your home will look.


  1. Put Like Items Together


A large part of clutter is duplicate items. Go through your things and put like items together. Any extras or expired items consider getting rid of. Cleaning supplies, shoes and toiletries are a common culprit.


  1. Get Rid Of The Clutter


Now that you’ve got your boxes filled with all that clutter, what do you do with it?


Here are some suggestions:


  • Donate

There are plenty of charities that can really use all that stuff you no longer need. Check out the charity’s donation guidelines before you drop them off. You can also try freecycling, see the website here for details.


  • Recycle

Paper, plastic and glass can all go straight to recycling. For some items you may need to take them to a recycling center. If you have any old electronics, you can recycle them and get a little cash to boot at an ecoATM. See their website here.


  • Sell It

Have a garage sale or sell the old items online at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Make a little scratch while you’re decluttering.


  • Give It Away

Just because you don’t need something anymore that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t use it. Ask friends, family or neighbors if they’d like to claim any of your loot. A good idea is to make a short list of all the items you’re giving away for them to look at.


  • Trash It

Don’t be afraid to throw stuff away. Get over the sunk costs of what you paid for it. If it’s junk, old or doesn’t work – give it the heave-ho.


For more resources on decluttering you can look here and here.


You’ll be amazed not only by the how much cleaner and open your home feels after you finish decluttering, but also the effect it has on your wellbeing.


You’ll feel more relaxed, less stressed and have an earned feeling of accomplishment.


So roll up your sleeves and get to it. Your cleaner, leaner and meaner home is ready to free itself of all that pesky clutter.


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